Courses, Events and Publications

May 2006
Document Engineering: Designing Documents for Transactions and Web Services (Bob)
OASIS Symposium - The Meaning of Interoperability, San Francisco
Use Before Uniformity - the Value of Standards for eBusiness (Tim)
PISCES Members Conference 2006, Watford, UK

April 2006
The UBL standard - a foundation stone for interoperability? (Tim)
Article published in the European Commission IDABC's quarterly magazine Synergy 06
The Value of Standards for eBusiness (Tim)
Admiralty Learning Centre,Hong Kong
Topics in Electronic Commerce: Introduction to Document Engineering (Tim)
Master of Science in Electronic Commerce and Internet Computing, University of Hong Kong

March 2006
Use Before Uniformity (Tim)
Forum on E-Transaction Development, Hong Kong
Reality Check for SOA (Bob)
Interworld SOA Executive Forum, San Francisco

January - May 2006
Document Engineering and Information Architecture (Bob)
School of Information, University of California, Berkeley

November 2005
Modeling Methods and Artifacts for Crossing the Data/Document Divide (Bob)
Architecture evolution of an application: Center in a Box (Marks, Madhwacharyula, Jones and Glushko)
XML 2005, Atlanta

October 2005
Document Engineering with UBL (Tim)
The OASIS Adoption Forum, London
Document Engineering with UBL (Tim)
OASIS Open Standards, Sydney

July 2005
Document Engineering with UBL (Tim)
XML Summer School, Oxford

May 2005
Document Engineering with UBL: patterns for business document exchange (Tim)
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

November 2004
Model-driven Application Design for a Campus Calendar Network (Bloodworth and Glushko)
XML 2004, Washington

April 2004
You call that a standard? (Interview with Bob)